How to change the default tab of a Project Layout

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Last Modified Date : 18/12/2018
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For every investment, there is an option to select a layout which will determine which tabs to be shown when an user is opening that investment in CA PPM Classic UI. Let us consider the case for a Project. 
There is a default layout present in PPM for the projects which is known as the "Project Default Layout". This exists in the application in the form of a Portlet Page. There are several tabs like Properties, Team, Tasks, Financial Plans etc that we see when we open a project from Home --> Projects. These tabs are created out of the box and arranged in a specific order in that "Project Default Layout" portlet page. The "Properties" tab is selected as the default but an user with admin access can always change the default tab to Team, Tasks or anything else. The admin is also capable of adding a new tab and then making it as the default one. 
CA PPM 15.x
Following are the steps that need to be followed in order to change the default tab of a project layout. Let us consider that admin wants to change the default tab to "Tasks" tab. for the "Project Default Layout". 
  1. Go to Administration --> Studio --> Portfolio Pages.
  2. Open the "Project Default Layout" portlet page and go to the "Tabs" tab.
  3. Click the Radio Button in the Default column corresponding to "Tasks".
  4. Click on SAVE. Then click on RETURN. 
  5. Now, go to Administration --> Objects --> Project.
  6. Go to "Views" tab and click on [Fields] corresponding to the "Project List" view.
  7. Click on the properties icon of "Project" field. 
  8. Select "Project Default" from the drop down list for the field "Link". 
  9. Click on SAVE and RETURN.
  10. Click on Save and Return again to come back to the Views page. 
  11. Click Return. 
  12. Go to Home --> Projects.
  13. Open a project which is having the page layout as "Project Default Layout".