How to change the default PROFILE EXEC that is put on a newly created UserID's 191 disk or filespace?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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"PROFILE EXEC" is placed on the 191 disk. However, that PROFILE EXEC is an old EXEC2 version - which is not what I want to use. How is the "sample" or "skeleton" PROFILE EXEC determined and how can I modify it to suit my needs?


In the CA VM:Secure Administrators Guide, Chapter 19 Special Comments Reference, look at the documentation for the *SP= special comment record.


The *SP= special comment record is used in SKELETON files to specify the file that should be used as the PROFILE EXEC of users created from that SKELETON. CA VM:Secure looks for the filename filetype specified on that record on the 191 disk of the user that is creating the new user and if not found there, looks on CA VM:Secure's disks in CMS search order. If is not recommended that you use a name of 'PROFILE EXEC' since that will cause CA VM:Secure to always get the PROFILE EXEC from the user's 191 or VM:Secure's disks.

If no *SP= record is in the skeleton file, then CA VM:Secure/VM:Director assumes SAMPLE PROFILE found on the 191 disk of the user ID adding the new user and then on any accessed VM:Secure/VM:Director mdisk will be used.