How to change records that are included in MAPs and/or SCHEMAs ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In IDD, a change is made to a group element which is part of a record that is included in a MAP or a SCHEMA.

Attempting to REPLACE this ELEMENT within the record doesn’t work. It fails with DC601045  "NOT IDD OWNED - ANY CHANGE IS INVALID"



How to apply these changes to the MAP or SCHEMA record ?






In IDD, it is not possible to change a record that is Schema or Map-Owned.
To make any change to a Schema or Map-Owned record, it must be removed from all the schemas and/or maps to which is currently defined before IDD will
allow the record to be changed.

Steps to modify a record that is schema and/or map owned in IDD.

Where n = is the current version number.
Where nn = the new temp version number.

  1. In IDD: ' DISPLAY RECORD record-name VERSION n.'
    To produce a cross-reference list for all entities where record is defined.

  2. ' MOD REC record-name VERSION n NEW VERSION IS nn. '
    Now all schema/maps/etc that where pointing to 'record-name VERSION n', point to
    to 'record-name VERSION nn'.

  3. Since 'record-name VERSION n' no longer exists it can be added to the
    dictionary with the desired new structure in IDD.
    'ADD REC record-name VERSION n.' {with the desired new structure]

  4. Modify the schema/maps so that now it points to the newly added 'record-
    name V n' and generate all affected schema/maps/etc


The included "Example_of_map_record.txt' file contains an example of how to change an element (group field) of a record that participates in a map, and illustrates the above steps.



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