How to change drive and path of an NFA installation and retain data.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to change drive path of an NFA installation and retain data.


1)Backup the necessary databases and files as per the NFA Backup and Restore Documentation.
2) Uninstall NFA software via Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.


3) Delete the hidden folder/file below(Console only):


C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry\.com.zerog.registry.xml


4) Delete any left over folders in the old Path like "C:\NFA"


5) Delete the Registry Key 'HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node/NetQos' if still present.


6) (On Console only) Open IIS and expand Sites->Default site and delete the RA, ProxyServices, ReporterDataSource, and ReporterWebService sites. 

7) Re-install the same version of the appropriate NFA software to the new drive path and restore your database.
8) Stop the "NetQos Mysql51" service from Windows Services.
9) Restore the backup's you made in step 1 following the steps from the Backup and Restore Documentation.
 10) There will be several database changes needed to update the correct path as documented below.
The example queries below for each server assume you were moving the installation directory from "C:\NFA" to "D:\NFA":
On the NFA Console Server:
Open a command prompt and login to the 'reporter' database:
mysql -P3308 reporter
The run the queries below for each table.
For the 'parameter_descriptions' table:
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/Reporter/datashare' where parameter='datasharepath';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/tzinfo' where parameter='tzinfodir';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/reporter/web' where parameter='webroot';
update system_settings set value='D:/CA/NFA/Reporter/datashare' where parameter='datasharepath';

For the 'system_settings' table:
update system_settings set value='D:/CA/NFA/' where parameter='nqhome';
update system_settings set value='D:/CA/NFA/tzinfo' where parameter='tzinfodir';
update system_settings set value='D:/CA/NFA/reporter/web' where parameter='webroot';
For the 'general' table:
update general set value='D:/CA/NFA/Reporter/xsl/email' where attribute='emailtemplatepath';
On the NFA Harvester:
Login to the Harvester database with the command:
mysql -P3308 harvester
The run the queries below for each table.
For the 'parameter_descriptions' table:
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/Netflow' where parameter='harvesterInstallRoot';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/tzinfo' where parameter='tzInfoDir';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue='D:/CA/NFA/tzinfo' where parameter='RealtimeReaper_ErrorLogFile';

For the 'extended_parameter_values' table:

update extended_parameters_values set value='D:/CA/NFA//Netflow//Logs//RealtimeReaperErrors%04d-%02d-%02d.log' where id='97';

update extended_parameters_values set value='D:/CA/NFA//Netflow//Logs//RealtimeReaperExceptions%04d-%02d-%02d.log' where id='114';


On the DSA(3 Tier System Only)

Login to the 'nqrptr' database with the command below:

mysql -P3308 nqrptr

Then update the 'settings' table with the queires below: 

update settings set value='D:/CA/NFA' where name='installRoot';

update settings set value='D:/CA/NFA/Netflow/logs/dsaLoaderErrors-%04d-%02d-%02d.log' where name'logFile';


11) Start All "CA NFA *" and "Netqos *" services and make sure all start up.

**If one of the services fail to start up, verify all of the SQL statements above completed without error, and check the Log file for the service that will not start**

12) Validate you can access the NFA web page and that are you collecting data after these steps.

**It is normal to see some Error messages initially on the NFA Admin->System Status page after performing these steps, however they should clear shortly after performing the steps above.**