How to change Data Repository Vertica system IP addresses

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can we change the IP address of the Data Repository (DR) Vertica cluster nodes without impacting database operation, availability and functionality?



Attached to this Knowledge Base Article is a new tool provided by HP Vertica support to ease the difficulty in making this change.


IP changes in 6.x and earlier Vertica releases was a manual process, though fairly simple. This older method is documented in the Vertica Administration User Guide easily found online with a search on


With the new 7.x release of Vertica used in CA Performance Management 2.4.1 and newer releases, it is no longer a simple process documented in Vertica user guide documentation.


For Vertica 7.x, Vertica support created and provided a re-IP tool that can be utilized to change the IP addresses of the node(s) in a DR Vertica cluster.


Download the attached file named re_ip_cluster-2.3.tar to one of the DR nodes and extract the contents. You will need to execute the included .py file with the location of your catalog directory.  For example:


./ --catdir /loddisk2/catalog/drdata/v_drdata_node0001_catalog/



  • The tool requires the DB to be stopped while it is run and this change is made. Please plan accordingly ensuring:
    • Users are notified of the pending outage
    • A DB backup is run and set aside in a safe location for recovery should the need arise
  • The tool is to be run on the first, or primary, node in the cluster
  • The tool is to be run as the DB admin owner user, in the case of CA Performance Management this is often the dradmin or equivalent user
  • Ensure the extracted took has the appropriate permissions for execution
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