How to change CI Label value in the connector policy

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have installed Spectrum Connector and are able to see all CIs. But most of the CI names appear as "IP Address" rather hostname.

We want to change the Label so that it can show hostname rather IP Address


How to change CI Label value by modifying the connector policy.

SOI 3.3 & 4.0Windows 2008 & 2012

We can use <Format2> tag to override Label property by following these steps 

1) Stop "CA SAM Integration Services" Service on the IFW connector like Spectrum connector

2) Stop "CA Catalyst Container" services on the Catalyst Connector like UIM, CMDB etec

3) Create a backup of the connector policy

     Ex: For Spectrum Connector, the location of the policy is: \SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrumim_policy.xml file 

     Ex: For Catalyst Connector, the location of the policy is: 


In this case, we are updating the spectrumim_policy.xml file as follows:


<EventClass name="ComputerSystem" extends="NetworkEntity">




<!-- Updating Label for "ComputerSystem" CIs" -->


<Field output="Label" format="{0}" input="Model_Name "/> 



Note: This has to be updated in each EventClass definition

4) Delete cache files inside "\CatalystConnector\container\registry-cache" on Catalyst Connector

5) Start Connector services