How to change a Schema-owned Record definition

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the method for modifying the layout of a Schema Owned Record?


Typically this is the procedure many have used for making a record layout change to a Schema-owned record, usually as part of a RESTRUCTURE operation but it would also be valid if just changing existing FILLER to new fields.


Let's say your current Schema-owned record in IDD is Version 10.                                                                    
 Schema record definition currently says SHARE STRUCTURE OF RECORD recname VERSION 10.        


do the following:

1.  In IDD DISPLAY RECORD recname V 10 WITH COBOL AS SYNTAX.                                   
 Change Version to 20 (or whatever you want), change element pictures as desired and hit
the enter key to add the new version of the record with the change you want.

2.  Get into Schema compiler and Modify the record to SHARE STRUCTURE of your  
new record version (in this example you change 10 to 20).  

3.  Validate the schema.     

4.  In IDD delete the original V 10 record or change it to another unused version if you want to keep it for history.

5.  MOD RECORD recname V 20 NEW VERSION IS 10. 

  This will automatically change the Schema to share V 10.  You now have the new record def and it is the Version number that was originally used                                       
 VALIDATE the Schema. REGEN AFFECTED SUBSCHEMAS and recompile any programs that want to make use of the new 
picture of the elements.