How to calculate the number of sockets opened by an Apache Webagent to the Policy Server when Apache running in Prefork mode?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It is interesting for capacity planning purpose to know how much socket a webagent running on an apache web server.

Depending on the running mode of the Apache Webagent server (worker/prefork) the caluclation will be different. Apache running in Prefork more is multi-process /single-thread as compare to Apache in worker mode which is multi-process /multi-thread.


In Prefork , you can set maxsocketsperport =1 and minsocketsperport = 1.
As as each process uses only a single thread to communicate with the SiteMinder Policy Server, only one socket is required.

Implementation Guide : Performance Tuning : Web Tier Performance : Web Agent Performance : Increase the Amount of Available Sockets for the Agent

For your socket calculation you should use the following method.

 	maxprocess x minsocketperport x number of port = max sockets