How to bypass the error CAL2Q0600E during CA 7 Web Client data gathering from CA7, when in SCHSRVR task log there is error message 'Unable to load PSQL'.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA7 Web Client is a user interface between a browser (such as IE or Mozilla Firefox) and one or more instances of CA WA CA 7 Edition. Users can request information from one or more CA 7 instances and set up how to display the retrieved data.




The CA WA CA 7 Edition Web Client (CA 7 Web Client) is a user interface that communicates between a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and one or more instances of CA WA CA 7 Edition. It communicates through a CA7SRVR task executing on the z/OS mainframe environment. Through the CA 7 Web Client, users can request information from one or more CA WA CA 7 Edition instances and maintain selected information about how to display the retrieved data. CA7SRVR is the central task for collecting this data from one or more CA WA CA 7 Edition systems.

It receives a request from a CA 7 Web Client user and responds to that user with the data requested. The request can range from a view request to actual CA WA CA 7 Edition commands.

To communicate with the CA WA CA 7 Edition instances, CA7SRVR uses a CA Common Services Spawn service to send data to the VTAM ACB name, that’s why one of the CA7 Web Client installation steps is the CAIENF customization with the new spawn parameters required to start communications (SCHSRVR task) between CA7SRVR and the CA WA CA 7 Edition instances.


It can happen that users connected to the CA7 Web Client interface asking for data from CA7 instances, get a pop up error message looking like: 


CAL2Q0600E 000n CCI RECEIVE Error: RC=08,DRC=34720100,XRC=72000000, 


while the related SCHSRVR task gets an error message looking like:  


Unable to load PSQL


and no data are showed on Web side.  

How to bypass this error?


CA 7 ? CA 7 Web Client


In the CA 7 Web Client Product Guide, Chapter 3: ‘CA7SRVR Configuration and Startup’, Section ‘Hardware and Software Requirements’, we report the CA Common Services for z/OS components that must be installed, configured, and operational before starting CA7SRVR.


Here the list:


? CAICCI – CA Common Communications Interface


? CAIENF services – CA Event Notification Facility


? CA-C Runtime


? ViewPoint


? CAICCI SPAWN services


All the mainframe tasks involved in the CA7 Web architecture must point to these components via a STEPLIB or LNKLST


If the error ‘Unable to load PSQL’ occurs in SCHSRVR task, this is because the components CA C-Runtime and Viewpoint are not available to SCHSRVR, so it is necessary to install these components and to make available to the task the hlq.CAW0LOAD and hlq.CCCSLINK load libraries of the CA Common Services product.