How to bulk-update the time zone for users in the CA Service Catalog environment?

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Last Modified Date : 28/01/2019
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How to bulk-update the time zone for users in the CA Service Catalog environment?

Bulk update in mssql to avoid manually update each separate user.



1. Verify and confirm:

The following query will show the users that already have a Time Zone set in Catalog:

select user_id,time_zone_code from usm_contact_extension where time_zone_code is not null

The result will show the actual time zone per individual user.


2. Search for the correct time zone to be set:

In order to do this, query with the(a) user id for which you know it is having the correct value.

In this example I will assume that the user with the correct TZ is spadmin:

select user_id,time_zone_code from usm_contact_extension where  user_id = 'spadmin'

It will return the output like e.g.:

user_id   | time_zone_code

spadmin | GMT-03:00 America/Cayenne


3. Now, before you proceed, run a backup in order to be sure that you can go back in case of emergency.


4. You only should change the users, already having a Time Zone set.

The following example will change all the users having set a time zone from 'GMT-12:00 Etc/GMT+12' into 'GMT-03:00 America/Cayenne'


5. The actual mssql update of the time zone:

update usm_contact_extension

set   time_zone_code = 'GMT-03:00 America/Cayenne'

where time_zone_code = 'GMT-12:00 Etc/GMT+12' (which is the value from the query in step 1).


6. Then in order to be sure that the changes are applied restart the CA Service Catalog service. 


Additional Information:

Before making any update, remember to take backup of the current data, to avoid problems in case you need to revert the changes you applied.



CA Service Catalog on a Windows platform.



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