How to bind source controlled Visual Studio files to the Harvest VCI?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio 2005 adds SCC provider info in solution/project files (*.sln, *.vbproj, *.scc, *.suo) when the solution is added to source code control system.

If a Visual Studio 2005 solution has been checked into Harvest using Harvest Workbench, this information does not exist, although the project/solution is under Harvest source control. As a result, an 'Add to Source Control' from the IDE to the same location in the Harvest Repository will result in failure.

To correct this situation, the user needs to perform a 'bind' from the IDE following the CORRECT steps described below.

EXAMPLE1: INCORRECT: A Visual Studio Project ...

Figure 1

... whose files have been checked In using a Package in Harvest workbench:

Figure 2

When you try to open this Project via File - Source Control - Open from Source Control in Visual Studio you will get this error:

Figure 3

EXAMPLE2: INCORRECT: Try to first Check Out for Update all Visual Studio files from the Package:

Figure 4

Open the Visual Studio files in Visual Studio 2005.

When you try to File - Source Control - Add Solution to Source Control in Visual Studio you will get this error:

Figure 5

EXAMPLE3: CORRECT: Instead go to File - Source Control - Change Source Control and Bind each Project to their respective locations in the Harvest Repository using the Set Context dialog that appears when you click 'bind':

Figure 6

E.g. the Solution file is located at the root:

Figure 7

and the Project files are located in their respective folders:

Figure 8

Bind solution and each Project until their Status is Valid:

Figure 9

Click OK. That is followed by this warning:

Figure 10

Click OK. Depending on how may Projects you have "bound", this may take a while.

Choose the FIRST option in the follow-up dialog box:

Figure 11

After this is finished, all Visual Studio files should have an SCC icon indicating that

  1. They are now under source control and
  2. They are currently checked out : (the icon is Red Hook)

Figure 12

Check In all the Visual Studio files:

Figure 13

Again, this may take a while depending on how many files you have.

Your Visual Studio files have now been successfully "bound" by the Harvest VCI:

Figure 14