How to bind a specific IP address to a?Configuration Automation?Agent (CCA Agent)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If a server that has a CCA Agent installed with either multiple NIC Cards or IP Addresses assigned, CCA Agent will obtain and bind to the first IP Address (Order of Precedence).  At times, this may not be an accessible IP Address for the CCA Server to use to communicate with.  


You need to set the agent to bind to a specific IP address for the agent to listen on.  To Bind or Link a specific IP Addresses to the CCA Agent

  1. Navigate to the server that has the Agent installed.

  2. Proceed into the agent installation path. The default installation paths are:
         Windows = \program files\CA\CCA Agent\     UNIX = \opt\CA\CCA Agent\ 
    Within those folders, you will see an agent.conf file.

  3. Open that agent.conf file using a plain text editor.

  4. Look for a few lines from the top to find:
    # bindaddress=<ipaddress>
    Remove the pound sign (#) from the beginning of the line to enable this feature. (if it exists)

  5. Specify the IP address to bind the CCA Agent to it, for example: bindaddress=

  6. Save and close the file.
  7. Recycle the agent service.
    Now your CCA Agent is bound to a specific IP Address.