How to backup/restore job, jobset, trigger, station, calendar and message action/record definitions either on the same box or on a different box

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To copy all jobs, jobsets, stations, calendars, message records and actions from one machine to another or for the same machine (backup and restore), you can use the following commands:

  1. For jobs, jobsets and triggers:
    • cauexpr -a (backup)
      - Output will be written to cauexpr.txt file in the current directory.
    • cautil -f cauexpr.txt (restore)
  2. For Stations: You need to create them manually.
  3. For Calendars:
    • caldb save cal.dsb
      - This dumps the CAICALDB to a dsb file.
    • caldb script cal.dsb > cal.txt
      - This takes the cal.dsb file you created in the above step and dumps it to a text file cal.txt.
    • cautil -f cal.txt (restore)
  4. For message records and actions:
    • oprdb script db > filename.txt (backup)
    • cautil -f filename.txt (restore)