How to backup EEM data on EEM server and restore it back into another EEM server ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Occasionally you need to take a backup of the EEM data  on an EEM server , and then restore it into the same EEM server or even another EEM server


EEM server.  The source EEM server and target EEM server need to be on the same EEM version level , for example : 12.51 .


A .  take a backup of EEM data on the EEM serverA

- Stop the CA Directory service on EEM serverA :

     dxserver stop all


     Simply stop “CA Directory – itechpoz “  service in services for windows

- Run the following command :

     dxdumpdb -f <file.ldif> <DSAname>  (itechpoz is the DSA Name)


 for example :

        dxdumpdb -f   EEM_data_from_serverA.ldif  itechpoz

   It will create an ldif dump file  of the EEM Database from EEM serverA  in the current location you ran the command from

- You can view and edit it with Notepad ++ or another tool.


B.  restore the backup EEM data file into another EEM serverB

- Stop the CA Directory service on EEM serverB

- To load it run the following command:

              dxloadbd <dsaname> <ldif file>


   Note :  ipozadmin password might be different between EEM serverA and EEM serverB ,  so you will need

1)      run dxdumpdb first to get  EEM data ldif file from EEM serverB first

                dxdumpdb -f   EEM_data_from_serverB.ldif  itechpoz

2)     Use notepad++ to open EEM_data_from_serverB.ldif   to get the its ipozadmin password .  For example :


                dn: cn=PozAdmin,cn=Admins,cn=Entities,cn=iTechPoz

                objectClass: pozObject

                cn: PozAdmin

                pozClass: O_E_U

                pozGeneration: 1

                pozId: 11131

                pozLink: cn=PozAdmin, cn=Admins, cn=Entities, cn=iTechPoz

                pozLocation: /iTechPoz/Entities/Admins

                pzUserName: PozAdmin

                createTimestamp: 20141112232052.699Z

                modifyTimestamp: 20141112232052.839Z

                userPassword: {SSHA512}vLNljdFkz/dHmjswoGTxla5k64CRT0jwgHIXm9HgcMmeXvXzVIcLP




               Copy the encrypted Pozadmin password there and paste it  in  EEM_data_from_serverA.ldif to replace the original one in EEM_data_from_serverA.ldif


      3.  Then run dxloaddb command on EEM serverB to restore the EEM data from EEM serverA into  EEM serverB


                             dxloadbd  itechpoz EEM_data_from_serverA.ldif


- Restart the CA Directory service (dxserver start all) 


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