How to avoid malformed traps crashing Spectrum.

Document ID : KB000115329
Last Modified Date : 19/09/2018
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On 10.2.1 Spectrum is regularly crashing and the stacks show that malformed traps are crashing Spectrum. If the ip address of the problematic device is included in the stack, or vnm.out, then trap sending should be turned off for this device. Often times the ip is not included, so what can be done?
Later releases of Spectrum such 10.02.03 or 10.3 have improved the code around trap handling significantly, so an upgrade will hopefully stop Spectrum from, crashing when it receives malformed traps.
Until an upgrade, how can this be avoided?
Spectrum 10.02.01
10.02.01.D401 was created to pull the ip of the problematic device, each time it happens.
Please contact support if you require a copy of this patch.