How to apply an APAR/PTF using CA Activator?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We need assistance with APAR apply using CA Activator (in Form of step by step description).



We received some APAR's from Technical Support for CA Dynam/T for z/VM ... this should be done using CA Activator in CMS UserID CAIMAINT.



After Download the APAR's to the CMS UserID CAIMAINT follow the Steps below:

This information is only usable for APAR format ZAP or UPDREX.

Step 1: create a file on CAIMAINT 191 Disk as aparname ZAP (recfm F lrecl 80) where aparname can be found on the last line in the file

           in this example it is LOG QO95634 (where QO95634 should be the aparname).

Step 2: delete all comments until line that begins with "* APPLY" in this file ... now you should see only the following (which it is just an example):



* DESC GIVE FAILURE at EOV getting drive back from VSE 


VER 000338 F213 

REP 000338 F224 

LOG QO95634 ZAPLOG - GIVE FAILURE at EOV getting drive back from

Step 3: when Logged on to CAIMAINT Type CACT (Apar Admin ... create/modify function) 

Step 4: in Field Apar Number include the aparname used during the file creation and in Field Apar Type include 3 (for Zap) or 2 (for UPDREX) then hit ENTER. 

Step 5: in the up coming screen hit PF2 for save followed by PF3 until you are back in the Apar Administration main menu. 

Step 6: in the main menu select 5 for APAR APPLY then select the Apar Number you want to apply with a 1 in front of it and press enter. 

Step 7: in the up coming screen hit PF2 

Step 8: then hit PF3 and wait (you will get a wait message) until all MODULEs are recreated. 

Step 9: DYNAMCMS must be restarted LOGOFF/LOGON (because new access to the recreated Modules is required).