How to allow/disallow command execution in TPXOPER for users.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes it is necessary to allow/disallow execution of a TPXOPER command for a user or a group of users. How can this be achieved?


The commands a user can execute in the TPXOPER session are controlled with the Operator Command Class Table (OCT).

In order to be able to perform changes in the TPX Operator Command Class (OCT) your need to be a 'TPX Operator Administrator'.

This Authority is granted in 6 'Maintain Administrator Capabilities' by setting the value of field 'TPX Operator Administrator' to 'Y'.

This panel can be accessed in TPXADMIN, select 1, select 3, enter the userid and press <ENTER>, finally select 6 'Maintain Administrator Capabilities'.

1. First of all you need to know which TPX Operator Command Class (OCT) is assigned to the user in question. To get this information select TPXADMIN from the main menu, then 3 'User Maintenance', enter the name of the user and press <ENTER>.

2. In the panel "TPX User Maintenance" select 1 'TPX User Options'. In the middle of this "TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel" you see something like this:

                                   Profile defaults    System defaults
  Group name:          TPXGROUP                        
    Command class:     _           _                   D
    Operator Cmd Cls:  _           _                   F
    Update class:      _           _                   P

Here TPXGROUP is the group the user is assigned to and the 'F' in the last column marks the 'Operator Command Class' assigned to this user. You now need to change this class or define another class to the user. If there are entries in the two columns left of the 'System defaults' column then the leftmost entry is valid!

Now let's look at that specific Operator Command Class:

3. From TPX main menu, go to TPXADMIN, select 1 'TPX User/Group Maintenance', then 6 'TPX Operator Command Authorization Class'

4. In panel "TPX Operator Command Class Table List" select the group for which you will change the OCT (this group name was listed in step 2. above for the user). If you do not use the concept of having different Groups for your users you will see only one entry, most likely TPXGROUP.

5. Now, in panel "TPX Operator Command Class Table Entry List" you select the appropriate entry (see step 2. above).

6. To disallow the QUIESCE for example command replace the 'Y' by a 'N' and press <PF03> four times to store the change and go back to TPXADMIN main menu.

7. Finally go to TPXOPER and reload the table by entering command RELOAD OCMD=TPXGROUP (replace TPXGROUP with the name of the group the user is assigned to if necessary).

If you don't want to change the existing Operator Command Class but want to create a new one, disregard steps 5 to 7 and do this:

8. Instead of selecting an existing Operator Command Class in step 5. enter 'S x' in the command line where x is the letter of the new Operator Command Class. Do the changes and press <PF03> four times to come back to the TPXADMIN main menu.

9. It is now necessary to assign the new Operator Command Class to the user. This can be done in the panel "TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel" (see steps 1. and 2. above)

10. Finally go to TPXOPER and reload the table by entering command RELOAD OCMD=TPXGROUP (replace TPXGROUP with the name of the group the user is assigned to if necessary).

11. The user in question needs to logoff/logon after these changes to make them effective.