How to Alarm if a Server Comes Online

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Last Modified Date : 26/06/2018
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I have a host that will be permanently offline and I need to monitor it for connection. I want the alert to be generated if the host comes online. Not if its down, but if it comes up.
One possible solution is to use the ICMP probe. 

To do so configure a profile as follows:
  • Configuring the probe using the Admin Console create a profile for the server
  • Select the ServiceAvailability metric (if any packet in the ping comes back 100% is reported so greater than 0 should alarm that the device is up)
    • Publish QOS
    • Publish Alarms

ICMP - ServiceAvailibility - Publish QoS and Alarm
  • Set a static alarm threshold > 0
  • Set a Custom Alarm Message(example):
Server ${target} is now Alive!!
ICMP - ServiceAvailibility - Static Threshold and Custom Alarm Message

Example Alarm
ICMP - ServiceAvailibility - Alarm When Device Is Up