How to add the Xtraction tab to the Service Desk interface.

Document ID : KB000010847
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Steps on how to display an Xtraction dashboard reporting window in a new tab added on the CA Service Desk web interface.

SDM 12.9SDM 14.1SDM 17.0

1) From the Administration tab -> Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Web Forms

2) Click the Create New button to create a new Web Form detail form.

3) Set the following parameters:

                Web Form Name = xtraction


                Code = xtraction


                Type = Other


                Resource = http://<xtraction-server>/Xtraction.


4) Go to Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Tabs, click the Create New button.

5) Set the following parameters:

                Tab name = Xtraction tab


                Code = xtraction


                Display Name = Xtraction


                Starting Page = xtraction.


6) Go to Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Role List, select the Role requiring the Xtraction tab.

7) Select the Resources Tab -> Tabs, then click the Update Tabs button to modify the tabs assigned to the Role.

8) Search for the Xtraction tab and select the Xtraction tab in the left list and click the >> button to add the new Xtraction tab to the right list, then click the OK button.

The Xtraction tab should now be listed on the Tabs tab of the Role details form. Users will need to login again or change roles to see the new tab.