How to add the AIM Instance for the vCenter Server on VAIM/CA Virtual Assurance Manager Console?

Document ID : KB000013193
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After adding a new vCenter Server connection to the CA Virtual Assurance manager, add a vCenter AIM instance to manage the new vCenter Server. CA Virtual Assurance then discovers the entire vSphere environment with all its physical and virtual components, such as vCenter Server, ESX Servers, VMs, and other virtual components.



 How to add the AIM Instance for the vCenter Server on VAIM/CA Virtual Assurance Manager Console?



Applicable for all VAIM Versions.
  1. Open the CA Virtual Assurance user interface from the Start menu. Click Administration, Configuration.
    The Configuration page appears.

  2. Select vCenter Server from the Provisioning section in the left pane.
    The right pane refreshes and displays the managed vCenter Servers, associated vCenter AIM Servers, and the AIM Instances for managed vCenter Servers

  3. Click (Add) on the vCenter AIM Servers pane toolbar.
    The New vCenter AIM Server dialog appears.

  4. Open the vCenter AIM Server drop-down list.
    The list of discovered vCenter AIM Servers appears. If you have installed the vCenter AIM on the local system, the name of the local system appears in the list too.

  5. Select a vCenter AIM Server from the drop-down list.
    CA Virtual Assurance populates the vCenter Server drop-down list with the vCenter Servers listed in the vCenter Servers pane. That is, you can only manage those vCenter Servers for which your CA Virtual Assurance manager has a valid connection established.

  6. Select the vCenter Server you want to manage and click OK.
    A new AIM instance for the selected vCenter Server is added. If the instance is not in an error or stopped state, CA Virtual Assurance starts to discover the associated vSphere environment. When the discovery process is complete, you can start managing the virtual and physical resources of vSphere.