How to add provisioning components to IDM after it has been installed and configured

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is it possible to install and add provisioning components in an Identity Manager system after an environment has already been created?



Yes this is possible, and it requires the following steps: 


1. Choose a server to install provisioning components on, you'll need to install Provisioning Server and Provisioning directory. 


2. Open the installer. If you're running the installer on a machine that has other Identity Manager components you'll see a popup stating that Identity Manager has already been installed. You can click okay to ignore this warning and proceed through the installation. 

2016-07-13 17_04_37-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg


3. Once installed, go into your Identity Manager Management Console and add your new Provisioning Directory in the Directories section

2016-07-13 17_15_09-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg


4. In the Environment details, click the green arrow next to Provisioning Server

2016-07-13 17_23_04-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg


5. Once inside it should look like the top screenshot. Click the checkbox next to enabled, add an Inbound Administrator and select your Provisioning Server from the list. You can adjust the attribute mappings and other settings to suit your needs. Once you're done it should look like the second screenshot, save your changes and then restart the environment. 

2016-07-13 17_25_43-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg



2016-07-13 17_26_10-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg


6. Go to the Roles and Tasks setting for the environment and click the import button. That will take you to a screen where you can choose which endpoint types to import. Without importing the endpoint types you will not be able to manage them in the Identity Manager web UI. If you have no endpoint types imported then you will be missing the Administrator tasks associated with endpoints, explore and correlates and account templates. 

2016-07-13 17_36_21-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg

From the list, check off the endpoint types you'd like to import into the environment and then click finish. Restart the environment again. 


Once this is completed you'll have provisioning components added to your existing environment.