How to add non standard ServiceNow impact, urgency and severity values to the sdgtw probe

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • ServiceNow provides the ability to define different values for the Impact, Urgency and Severity fields of incidents.
  • When these custom values are defined the same values need to be mapped in the SDGTW probe to allow incidents to be raised with the correct values.
  • This is possible by making REST API calls to the probe to alter its configuration.
  • This document describes the process and calls to make in order to achieve this
  • You will need to install the postman app from in order to follow these instructions.
    • You can use any REST client to achieve the same results.
  • In this example the following values have been define for Impact , Urgency and Severity in ServiceNow
Item TextValue
1 - Critical1
2 - High2
3 - Medium3
4 - Low4
  • Install Postman from
  • configure the probe to loglevel 4 and restart
  • Once probe has started view the probe log and and find the line similar to the following
    • validateIntegration method :url is http://<address>:<port>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/config/integration/<ServiceNow_connection>/testConnection  unam pwd are ::: nimadmin::nimadmin
      • This contains the rest api url for the ServiceNow_connection
      • By default there is one ServiceNow_connection called ServiceNow
      • If you have cloned the default ServiceNow connection to support multiple instances of ServiceNow then you must identify the specific url for the required connection
        • imagine you have 3 connections called 
          • site1 
          • site2 
          • site3 
        • then there are 3 urls 
          • http://<address>:<port>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/config/integration/site1/testConnection 
          • http://<address>:<port>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/config/integration/site2/testConnection
          • http://<address>:<port>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/config/integration/site3/testConnection
  • Copy the url for the desired ServiceNow_connection and edit it in a text editor to 
      • http://<address>:<port>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/config/integration/<ServiceNow_connection>/mapping/Incident
  • Open Postman and login
    • Create a new "Get Request" and a new collection if prompted
    • Paste the edited url as the get request
    • Select the Authorisation tab and define
      • Authorisation type = basic
      • username = nimadmin
      • Password = nimadmin
    • Click Send




  • View the response to verify the current settings are default





  • Click the dropdown next to GET and select PUT




  • Select the tab "Body" and the radio button "raw"



  • Enter the following into body


    "NIMField": "impact",
    "MDRField": "impact",
    "DefinedValues": "Critical=1,High=2,Medium=3,Low=4"
    "NIMField": "urgency",
    "MDRField": "urgency",
    "DefinedValues": "Critical=1,High=2,Medium=3,Low=4"
    "NIMField": "severity",
    "MDRField": "severity",
    "DefinedValues": "Critical=1,High=2,Medium=3,Low=4"



  • Select the headers tab and create a new key
    • Content-Type = application/json
  • Click send
  • View the response and verify that the settings have been changed e.g.
    •     <Mapping>





  • Cold start (Deactivate and then activate) the SDGTW probe and the new values are available in the probe config allowing you to create the correct mappings




Additional Information:

NOTE: It is essential that the values defined in the probe match the values assigned to the text in ServiceNow. e.g

Service Now Item TextService now Valuesdgtw probe setting
1 - Critical1Critical=1
2 - High2High=2
3 - Medium3Medium=3
4 - Low4Low=4

You should work with your ServiceNow Administrator to obtain the values they have defined for these fields

NOTE:  This change will remain in place until you either upgrade the sdgtw probe to a new release or remove, then reinstall the probe.  In both of these cases, the ServiceNow severity field mapping values will go back to the default set of 3 values (High, Medium, and Low) and at that point it will be necessary to change them again via the steps specified above.