How to add KEYWORDS using JCKNSPF in edit mode for CA JCLCheck using the JCLNeat feature?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to add KEYWORDS functionality when using JCKNSPF command in edit mode for CA  JCLCheck Workload Automation with the JCLNeat feature?



The KEYWORDS functionality for JCLNeat allows you to customize the order the keywords in your JCL.  

To use the KEYWORDS functionality using the JCKNSPF command in edit mode  of  a JCL, you must allocate the KEYWORDS DD data set and member to your TSO session.  To do this, edit the member JCKNSPF in hlq.CAZ2CLS0.  

  • Comment the following statements:

       /*    FREE F(KEYWORDS,JN01)                          /* TEBE515 */

       /*    ATTR  JN01 REC(F B) BLK(800) LRE(80) DSORG(PS) /* TEBE515 */

       /*    ALLOC F(KEYWORDS) UNIT(VIO) USING(JN01) NEW    /* TEBE515 */

  • Add the following statement after the above commented statement:

        ALLOC F(KEYWORDS) DA('your.dsn(keywords)') SHR REUSE 

  • Change the statement

        FREE F(KEYWORDS,JN010)    to     FREE F(KEYWORDS)



Additional Information:

 As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA JCLCheck Workload Automation if you have further questions.