How to ADD EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE for DATACOM/DB 15.0 so that it can be applied using CA CSM?

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Last Modified Date : 17/08/2018
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How do you ADD EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE for DATACOM/DB 15.0 so that it can be applied using CA CSM?


Step 1.

First you will need to download the available maintenance from

For an example of how to download all of the available PTFs for a product please see: instructions please see: 

Document ID:  TEC1145725 How do I download all of the PTFs for CA Datacom 15.0 from CA Support Online?


Step 2. 

Allocate a PDS (or PDSE) dataset with LRECL 80 and RECFM FB.

Upload all of the PTFs that you downloaded in Step 1. as members to the PDS dataset located on your z/OS.


Step 3. 

Add the external maintenance to CA CSM from the PDS dataset located on your z/OS where you uploaded the PTFs.

 Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Products tab, and find Datacom/DB - MVS - and right click on the release 15.0


Specify the following: 

1. For the  "Type of Input Source:' select  Data set and 

2. Specify the name of the PDS dataset and (*) to select all member 


Returned is a list of the MEMBERS containing the PTFs. You can uncheck any members that you do not want to include. Also uncheck anything that is not an apar or a PTF, such as PIBs (Product Information Bulletins).


Click OK 


 The maintenance package with the related information is saved in the CA CSM database.

3. To see the maintenance you just added, go to the SMP/E Environment Tab, select the product's CSI and click Maintenance


Notice that the PTFs shown from the SMP/E Environments Maintenance Tab above, are the same PTFs that you added in Step 3. from your PDS data set.

Now you can apply the maintenance with CA CSM as you normally would.





Additional Information:

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