How to add external jars from external directory using antjunit build.xml

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2019
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       We are trying to execute test cases using antjunit task defined in build.xml.  Here we wanted to add external jar myown_test.jar to execute the testcases .  We don't want to place the jars inside LISA_HOME\lib directory. Because this jar may overwrite other functionalities.  So, we wanted to add the jars to be placed in a different directory and to be present in the classpath. How can I add this jar files to classpath using Junitlisa?
Please try by adding classpath details inside junitlisa tag as given below. This will load the jar file defined in the ANT target task.

<target name="oneTest" description="Executes a LISA Test as a JUnit test." > 
<!-- make sure old reports are deleted and that we have a place to report... --> 
<delete dir="${testReportDir}"/> 
<mkdir dir="${testReportDir}"/> 

<!-- run the lisa suite in junit mode --> 
<junitlisa toDir="${testReportDir}" 
<fileset dir="C:/Sample_Data/" includes="myown_test.jar"/> 

<!-- generate junit style html report --> 

<junitlisareport toDir="${testReportDir}"/> 
<echo message="The JUnit report is available at ${testReportDir}/index.html"/>