How to add custom attributes and map them in the new SDM Integration?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the new peer-to-peer SDM Integration, implemented in the CCA 12.8.03, customer may want to create "Attribute Mapping" for custom attributes created in CCA to be imported to custom CMDB attributes.

It's not simple to be done by User Interface, and need to be customized in the product.



A customer created 3 new attributes in CCA and through a customized Blueprint, collected the information to populate the 3 new attributes:

cpulogicalcount - CPU Logical count

cpucorecount - CPU core count

vcpuscount - VCPU count

Now, they need to use the new SDM Integration in CCA 12.8.03 to map these attributes to be imported to custom fields created in Service Desk nr Table:

z_str_proclgcnt - CPU Logical count

z_int_proclgcore - CPU core count

z_int_vcpu - VCPU count

To get this customization working properly, customer needs to perform the instructions listed in this document, and use the customized files attached in the zip file "".

The file can be downloaded by yhe following link:

CCA 12.8.03

1.Stop CCA Services, both CCA Server and Grids

2.Open SQL Management Studio

3.Select CCA DB instance and click on New Query button

4.Paste the SQL content provided in acmbo_server_ci.sql

5.Now Go to Views section and delete the view acmbo_server_ci

6.Execute the view content of Step 4

7.The view will be recreated again.

8.Go to the CCA Server Install path (\CA\CCA Server\tomcat\conf).  Now place the updated ci_sql_mapping.xml (backup existing ci_sql_mapping.xml)

9.Start the CCA Services

10.Login into CCA, go to the Blueprints section.

11.Import the HardwareDetails(Windows)_updated.jar by selecting Overwrite Existing Blueprints

12.Now come to Administration -> SDM Integration -> Attribute Mappings

13.Import ServerAndVirtual.jar and Lpar.jar

14.Now on the SDM side please create custom attributes z_str_proclgcnt, z_int_proclgcore, z_int_vcpu


Before exporting data to SDM, you must to perform the following steps:

1. Clean up the Hardware Details component discovered data. For doing so the best option is to come to Software tab -> Components section, filter the data on Component Name Matches Hardware Details (Windows)

2. Delete this component data for the required Windows Servers that to be exported to SDM. Rediscover this required servers for this Hardware Details (Windows) so that the custom attributes are populated with the required details.

3. Now export the data to SDM and you can notice the custom attributes cpucorecount, cpulogicalcount and vcpuscount are part of Server CI, Virtual CI of Windows platform.

Note: Blueprint created by making Copy of Hardware Details Blueprint will not contribute Server or Virtual or LPAR CI’s data to SDM export. Only the OOTB Hardware Details Blueprint will contribute for the SDM Export of Server and Virtual CIs.


This procedure will results the following contents in CCA and Service Desk Manager respectively: 



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Important Note:

* This is considered a customization and should have CA Services Engagement, since is out of the scope of Support Team.

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