How to add Cross-Platform job dependencies from Job Requirement View of an AutoSys job when using Job Editor?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using Job Editor to define a distributed job and using the drag & drop icons in the Job Requirement View for that job, there are no icons available for the Mainframe Jobs.

An example:
A distributed job has dependencies of a global variable value and the success of a Mainframe job. This can all be seen in the Job Requirement View (accessed from Job editor) for the distributed job. From here we can add a dependency for another distributed job but we can't add a dependency for a Mainframe job (or other mainframe objects) as there is no icon for them in the left hand Objects pane. The only icons are Calendar, Global Variable and AutoSys job.


AutoSys requires different syntax for the dependency on the Mainframe job since it is not in the same AutoSys instance. An instance must be specified and defined in the $AUTOUSER/config.EXTERNAL file.

Example of config.EXTERNAL file:

If AutoSys job has a dependency on the CA-7 instance, the dependency would be expressed as: SUCCESS(CA71^CA7).

Where, CA7 is defined in the $AUTOUSER/config.EXTERNAL file.

One can drag the job from the Mainframe (CA-7) server in the Job Editor tree into the Job Requirement View and drop it on the AutoSys job. The dependency will be created if the config.EXTERNAL file is set up correctly.

The following steps explain how to drag and drop:

  1. In Job Editor, expand Mainframe server and drill down to the CA7 job on the left pane.

  2. Expand the AutoSys server so that you have on the left pane the option 'Jobs'.

  3. Select the AutoSys job and then click on the Job Requirements View.

  4. Then select the CA7 job and drag it into the Job Requirement View and drop it either on the AutoSys job name or on an arrow if there is a dependency already defined.

These steps are illustrated with screen prints below:

Screen #1:

Figure 1


  • You see the 'Job Editor' window where a Mainframe server called "MVS" and AutoSys server called "neler01-4.5.1" defined.

  • Job list on the MVS server is expanded.

  • Then, job list on the AutoSys server is expanded.

  • Next, the Job Requirement View for AutoSys job called "JobEric1" is opened.

  • Now, the Mainframe (CA7) job called "NELER01B" is selected and dragged into the Job Requirements View (A black circle with a black line through it is seen)

Screen #2:

Figure 2


  • Drag the circle further on and position it on top of the SUCCESS arrow, then the black circle changes into the 2 squares and the plus sign.

Screen #3:

Figure 3


  • Release the mouse (left) button and we get the AND/OR options, where we choose AND.

Screen #4:

Figure 4


  • This is the result, Mainframe job "NELER01B" with a SUCCESS dependency has been added to AutoSys job "JobEric1".