How to Add and Remove Debug in CA PPM - On Demand or On Premise

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Last Modified Date : 04/04/2018
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This KB provides instructions on how to add and remove debug categories (aka debugs) in CA PPM version 13.x and above when requested by CA Support.   These instructions may be used by either On Premise or On Demand customers.


WARNING:  Debugs should only be turned on at the request of CA Support or Development.   If you turn on a very large debug category, it can cause severe performance issues.  In addition, always remove debugs after you have gathered the information requested by support or development.

1.  Log into the Clarity as a user with admin privileges.
2.  Delete everything after action: in the url and append "security.logs"
For example, if your original url was:  http://SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu
Change it to:  http://SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu#action:security.logs
NOTE:  This is easier to do if you do it from a page with a short URL like the General or Organizer page.
3.  Click the Enter key.
4.  Click the down arrow on the right side of the logs tab and select Edit Configuration.
5.  Click the ADD CATEGORY button in the Categories section..
6.  Click the down arrow to the right of com.niku and search for your debug name.  If it is not present, type "" into the Other name window, where "" is the debug name given to you by your technical support rep.  NOTE:  Do not enter the quote marks.
7.  Change the Appender drop-down to STDOUT.
8.  Change the Priorty drop-down to Debug.
9.  Click the Save button.
10.  Repeat Steps 5-8 for any additional debugs you have been asked to add.
11.  If you have more than one server for the Clarity system you are working on, scroll to the top of the page and click the down arrow to the right of the Server window.  Choose the next server listed and repeat Steps 5 - 11 until the debugs have been added to all servers in the cluster.
12.  If the "Detect Log Configuration Changes Automatically" box is checked, you are done.  Otherwise check the box and restart the services.
NOTE:  Don't forget to remove your debugs once you are done troubleshooting your issue to prevent excessive logging when it is not necessary.

1.  Go back to the Edit Configuration page as described in steps 1 - 4 above.
2.  Click the check box(es) to the left of the debug(s) you want to remove.
3.  Click the REMOVE CATEGORY button.
4.  Click the Save button.
5.  If the "Detect Log Configuration Changes Automatically" box is checked, you are done.  Otherwise restart the app and bg services.