How to add an 'spadmin-role' userid to the CA Service Catalog Environment. To be able to login to SC with a replaced userid for spadmin.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to add an 'spadmin-role' userid to the CA Service Catalog Environment.

And assign the Service Delivery Administrator Role to a Userid, other than 'spadmin'.

To be able to login to the SC-UI with another userid than spadmin.



Windows running SC R14.1 and EEM R12.x.



Please also check:

Assign the Service Delivery Administrator Role to a User, other than 'spadmin'.

With special notes:

The command utility creates the user in the CA Service Catalog user database, if the following conditions exist:

- CA EEM has FIPS=Disabled

- CA EEM is not configured to use an external directory.

- The user name that you specify is new.


Then, perform the below procedure for this.


1. In EEM, check whether EEM is configured for 'External Referrence' (e.g. AD/LDAP).

2. When yes, open the current definitions and copy&paste into notepad, it's name and further details like Host:Port, Base DN and User DN and password.

3. Delete the current AD/LDAP definition.

4. Set EEM to 'Store in internal user store' by selecting the corresponding radio-button.

5. Save this change.



Create a new 'spadmin-role' userid in the CA Service Catalog(SC) Environment.

This can be done by running SC’s 'ant command' to add another 'spadmin-role' userid.

To do that, open the Catalog Command Prompt:

1. Start/All Programs/CA/Service Catalog>Service Catalog - Command Prompt

The prompt appears: C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog>

2. Execute the command: ant add-spadmin-user


With the following result:

Buildfile: build.xml

_start-maintenance-log: [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\conf-backup\20141013-1241

Maintenance started: Monday October 13, 2014 12:41:07 PM GMT by Administrator


    [input] User Id for new Service Delivery Administrator user: <new_userid>

    [input] Are you sure you want to make [<new_userid>]  a Service Delivery Administrator? (y, n) y

     [echo] Please wait this may take several minutes...

     [java] Creating new user with role spadministrator



Now you can login to the SC-UI with this newly created userid.



When needed, REconfigure EEM to the AD/LDAP configuration. Using the copied AD/LDAP details form step A2.


Additional Information:

The ant command will make a backup in the "C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\conf-backup" folder.

Therefor it needs to create a sub-folder in there (Date-Time e.g. 20161012-0943).

When not enough access rights to do this, an error might appear while running the ant command.

"Creating the conf-backup-sub-folder not successful"

To overcome this, proceed as follows:

1. Open a windows commandprompt(CP) 'as administrator'

2. In this CP, run cd to C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog

3. From within this directory, run usm.cmd. Which then opens the SC-CommandPrompt

4. From within this newly started SC-CommandPrompt,


   run the command ant add-spadmin-user and follow the instructions there after.