How to add an IP Address and IP Port number to your TPX Menu.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can logon to TPX using IP support and have your IP Address and IP Port show on your TPX Menu. This can be helpful information when trouble shooting a problem or monitoring purposes. This document steps you through updating the Txx0041 panel, where xx is the language such as EN for English.


If you logon to TPX using IP Support and would like to know what your IP Address and/or your IP Port number is, follow these steps to display the values on your TPX Menu:

  1. Create a copy of panel TEN0041 in a custom panel library that you concatenate ahead of the CA TPX Panel library. Make your panel changes to this custom version so that you always have the original version available in the vendor library.

  2. Add the IP Address and IP Port variables, &ipaddr and &ipport, to the TEN0041 panel. They can be labeled on the panel for example as IPADDR= and IPPORT=. Be sure to allow sufficient space for the maximum possible values to be displayed.

  3. By using the "R" option in the TPX System Options within TPXADMIN you can display the TEN0041 panel. You will be able to see the before having to reload it into production. A display of the panel means that you have coded it successfully.

  4. Reload the panel in TPXOPER.

  5. Upon completing the previous step, you should now be able to return to the TPX Menu and see your changes with valid data if you logged on to TPX using IP Support. The fields will be blank if you logged on by another method (e.g. SNA).

  6. You should now see both your IP Address and IP Port on your TPX menu panel where you added them.

Note: Here is an example on how the variables have been coded using the Attribute table provided.

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