How to add additional journals for dynamic use during peak processing

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During peak processing time at year end, extended batch jobs require additional journals.

  I suggest adding additional Disk Journal defs to your CV DMCL permanently.  

If for example you have 6 Disk Journals defined but you only want to use      

4 on a daily basis, you could have a startup process vary the 5th and 6th     

Disk journals offline.  When you run the General Ledger job, you can vary     

one or both of the extra journal files online.                                


To reduce contention during offload operations, you should:                   

- Place the disk journals on disk packs that do not contain database or       

  dictionary files                                                            

- Assign each disk journal to a different volume and channel                  

You should also have an initiator that is dedicated to archive jobs. You      

don't want the archive journal jobs to contend for an initiator with other