How to add a PROFILE to an ACID with an UNTIL date?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to translate this Top Secret command to a CA LDAP command:


TSS ADD(#acid) PROFILE(#profile) FOR(xx)


In CA LDAP, you can use the LDAPMODIFY command as follows:


./ldapmodify -c -h HOSTNAME -p 1389 -D cn=admin01 -w password   -x -f file_add_profile.ldif    


HOSTNAME is your hostname

admin01 is a Top Secret administrator who has rights over the acid being administrated

password is the current password for acid admin01

file_add_profile.ldif is the file name of the ldif file containing the ldap operations.


The ldif file should look like:


*** Top Of Data ***


changetype: add                                                             

objectClass: tssproflist                                                    

Profile-Before: prof001                                                     

Profile-Until-Date  10/11/15

*** End Of Data ***  


This will add to acid MYACID, profile PROF003, before profile PROF001 for a duration of xx days.                                                      

For object class tssproflist, only a z/OS UFN (User Friendly Name) "Profile-Until-Date" is available.  

The tssproflist object class is used to display the profiles attached to an ACID. This object supports LDAP add and delete operations.

See the CA LDAP Server for z/OS guide, chapter:  'CA Top Secret to CA LDAP Server User Friendly Names' for all details.