How to activate a WSFedRPtoIDP partnership using XPSExplorer ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In some situations, we can not activate a partnership using the AdminUI, we can try to activate it by using XPSExplorer.

Policy Server 12.52SP1

1) Open a DOS command prompt as Administrator  

2) XPSExplorer

3) Choose Partnership type number , 89- WSFEDRPToIPPartnership

Enter 89 <enter>

4) Search for Partnership to activate

Enter S <enter>

5) Choose Partnership number 

Enter 1 <enter> to get the 1st partnership

6) Make the object writable

Enter W <enter>

7) Check Status number, in my case it was 36

Enter 36 <enter>

8 ) Type ? to see values mapping

Enter ? <enter>

9) Choose number before Active or note assigned number to Active at right side (you can use it at previous step instead of typing ?)

10)  Check if now Status is Active

11)  Enter U (update) <enter>

12) Exit XPSExplorer 

Enter Q (4 times)


Re-enter in XPS Explorer to check if value of the status is changed

Wait for changes to be reflect in the AdminUI (cache refresh). Some times need wait up to 15 minutes.


Additional Information:

The above can be applied to other parterships

For example ParetnerShipBase

Step 3) enter 45 <enter>

Step 7) enter 58 <enter>



Enter Option (# or MJLRPBVUDAX+Q): 58


Attr:  Status [CA.FED::PartnershipBase.Status]

Description         Specifies the status of this partnership

Type:               Number

Handling:           Enumeration (enter '?' for selection)

Character Case:     Mixed

New Value (? for interactive, blank to quit):?


Attr:  Status [CA.FED::PartnershipBase.Status]

Desc:"Specifies the status of this partnership"

Type: Number {1}

------------------------------- Bits ------------------------------

 1 - Defined                                                 =    2

 2 - Inactive                                                =    4

 3 X Active                                                  =    3

 4 - Incomplete                                              =    1