How to acknowledge alarm using Autosys command

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there autosys command to acknowleage notification on job failure ?


To acknowledge ALARM on JOBFAILURE we can use the following examples: 


Example: Define a Monitor 


This example defines the monitor named track_alarms to track alarm events and to prompt

the user to acknowledge all alarms as they occur. 

insert_monbro: track_alarms 

mode: monitor 

alarm: y 

all_status: n 

all_events: n 

alarm_verif: y 


Example: Acknowledge an Alarm 


This example shows that the operator acknowledged notification of a JOBFAILURE alarm when

the job with run number 33:2 failed at 20:15 29 on 09/24/2012 and that the operator reported

the job failure to the scheduler for follow up and resolution. 

Alarm: JOBFAILURE fail 09/20/2012 20:15:29 Run# 33:2 

Message Acknowledged by: operator 

Comment:Reported to the scheduler for follow up. 


Example: Run a Monitor 


This example runs the monitor named track_alarms so that it polls the database for alarm events

at 30 second intervals. 

monbro -N track_alarms -P 30