How to access the portal pssg gateway via the policy manager

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Last Modified Date : 05/09/2018
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In order to change any cluster wide property value or to troubleshoot it is sometimes needed to access the portal pssg/internal tenant gateway of a CA API Developer Portal. For version 4.2 of the portal the admin services of this gateway are not published by default. To enable this you can change the docker configuration.
  • In the Portal VM, run the following docker command to open up the port for PSSG: 
docker service update --publish-add "8443:8443" portal_pssg --detach=false 
  • Get the gateway admin user credentials by running the following command 
docker inspect <ID of the PSSG container> | grep SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD 
  • You can run the following command to obtain the id of the pssg container 
sudo -s docker ps --format "{{.ID}} {{.Image}} {{.Names}}" | grep -i pssg 
  • Install/use 9.2 policy manager and access the PSSG using the following credentials: 
username: admin
password: the return value from Step #2 //You will probably need to change the password upon first login 
Gateway: <Portal VM hostname or IP>:8443 
  • For security reasons be sure to remove the added port after the changes above have been made
docker service update --publish-rm "8443:8443" portal_pssg --detach=false