How the net_connect probe alert settings work

Document ID : KB000034655
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • Send burst of "a" messages
  • Timeout after "b" seconds
  • Interval "c"
  • Retries in interval "d"
  • Failed intervals "e"

The probe initiates a test on every interval "c". It sends a burst of "a" pings. Then, it waits for timeout after "b" seconds. If it receives an echo, the test is complete.

If there is no response within the timeout after "b" seconds, the probe sends another burst of "a" pings. As long as there is no response, it does this again until it has retried "d" times.

If it has re-tried "d" times in the interval, then it checks to see how many times in a row this entire cycle has failed.

If it has failed "e" intervals,? then it generates an alarm. Otherwise it waits for interval "c" and repeats the test.