How the automatic search wildcard works in CA Service Desk Manager

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an analyst searches a ticket, the wildcard is automatically attached at the last of the search keyword. For example, when the '(test' is set to the assignee field in the search filter and it performs the search, the assignee filed value will show the '(test%'. SDM automatically sets the '%' wildcard at the last of the value and performs the search as follows.



It is possible to switch the behavior between attaching the wildcard and not doing that(Exact match) at the timing the login user wants?




SDM r12.9, r14.1




The automatically attached wildcard function is controlled by the web_wildcard_search option in the below.

Administration tab > Options Manager > Web

When this option is installed with the value 'Yes', it is the expected behavior.




If the login user expects to search a ticket by the exact match with the search keyword, it is necessary to uninstall the web_wildcard_search option, and recycle the SDM service.

Please note the search keyword in all of the fields in the search filter will not be attached the wildcard after uninstalling the web_wildcard_search option.

It is NOT possible to switch the search mode (Exact match mode / Word beginning with mode) with a specific field at the timing when the login user wants. This is a design.

If it expects a specific field only that is handled as the exact matched search on the environment that the web_wildcard_search option is installed, it is necessary to customize the field on the screen. 


Here is for example about the customization. The below screenshot is properties settings with the assignee field on the list_in.htmpl on the WSP. The following "Add Percent" option settings is a default.



When the "Add Percent" is set 'No' as follows and publish it, run pdm_publish, run pdm_webcache -H, and clear the browser cache, the search keyword in the assignee field in the search filter of the incident list will be handled as the exact match keyword even if the web_wildcard_search option is installed to the environment.



As this is a customization, CA Support don't guarantee the behavior in future. When the customization is implemented, it is necessary to confirm the behavior and the impact to the environment carefully.