How much ECSA if you specify DB2REL(23) and load all supported releases of DB2.

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Last Modified Date : 17/05/2018
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Client questions ECSA usage of the ENFDB2 Interface. 
How much ECSA would be used to load modules for all supported releases of DB2?

DB2REL(nn) Loads the CAIENF/DB2 module for a specific CAIENF/DB2 release into ECSA.

Issuing this command without an option loads all of the CAIENF/DB2 Intercept modules into ECSA. • nn

Specify 23 to load any supported DB2 release.

When you do not specify a value for nn, the DB2REL option also loads all the supported releases of DB2.
Any supported release of z/OS & DB2.
There is only one ENF/DB2 intercept module that covers all supported releases of DB2. 

The module is CASR230. So it doesn't matter if DB2REL, DB2REL(), DB2REL(23), or 
DB2REL(51,61,71,81) is specified...the only intercept module loaded will be CASR230. 

This module will get loaded into E/CSA and is very small...about 20KB in size.

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