How many submenus can I create in TPX using Tiered Menus?

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Last Modified Date : 28/03/2018
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How many submenus can I create in TPX using Tiered Menus?


There is a maximum of 35 submenus, or "flavors" of menu, that you can define.

The number of submenus is limited by several factors:

  1. Each submenu must have a unique Owner Key which can have one of 36 possible values: 0-9 or A-Z.
  2. A RETURN session/tier is also required and reserves the use of TPXTIERX. So in effect this leaves 35 submenus that you can define.
  3. You can have submenus up to a maximum of 35 levels deep.  Submenu tiers (or menu levels) are indicated by the Tier Level TPXTIERx, where x is 0-9 or A-Z and TPXTIERX is reserved for RETURN.

You can also have multiple submenus with only a few tiers. For example, you can have a structure that has menus only two layers deep (TPXTIER0 and TPXTIER1 the RETURN TPXTIERX) and one or more of these levels can contain multiple submenus.

   Tier Lvl
Owner Key Member KeyInvisible
 TSO1 sessid Null 5Y
 TSO2 sessid Null 5Y
 TSO3 sessid Null 5Y
 CICS1 sessid Null 6Y
 CICS2 sessid Null 6Y
 CICS3 sessid Null 6Y
  NETVIEW1sessid Null 8Y
  NETVIEW2sessid Null 8Y
  NETVIEW3sessid Null 8Y
  SYSVIEW1sessid Null 9Y
  SYSVIEW2sessid Null 9Y
  SYSVIEW3sessid Null 9Y

The above table is based upon the example for Tiered Menus that is described in the CA TPX Programming Guide.

Note that only TPXTIER0 needs Invisible = N. All other tier levels and sessions in the submenu configuration should have Invisible= Y.

Tiered Menu support was introduced with TPX 5.3.

Additional Information:
Since "Invisible" is an important parameter with tiered menu design, you should restrict update access of this field within the User Self-Maintenance Class assigned to most users.