How many instances of the caiopr process should be running on a UNIX server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is it normal to see two or more identical caiopr processes running on a server?


On a UNIX server, spawned caiopr processes can be derived from the main caiopr process. These spawned caiopr processes can be actions running through messages and Message Records Actions (MRAs). There are MRAs that cause a caiopr process to be forked (like UNIXSH, COMMAND, and UNICMD).

However, only one caiopr process should exist with the parent ID set to 1.

The file $CAIGLBL0000/opr/config/<hostname>/ should contain the pid of this main caiopr process and it should prevent concurrent execution of more than one copy of the MAIN caiopr daemon (parent process PPID=1).