How Knowledge Document Comments Work

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Managing knowledge documents, even after they are published, is an on-going and evolving process. There could be mistakes. There could be additional information that would need to be added. CA Service Desk Knowledge Tool uses comments to implement this on-going and evolving process. This tech doc explains how this is done.


Knowledge manager would need to configure KT such that once a comment is logged to a knowledge document, the document owner would need to be notified. Then the document owner would need to work or re-assign the comment to another knowledge analyst and try to have the comment closed before the target date of the comment. Knowledge manager would need to make sure during the lift cycle of the comment, proper parties receive notifications to make sure the comment progress well.

All versions of Service Desk/CMDB knowledge management component on all platforms

Follow the following steps to have the comments progress promptly:

1. Make sure the "Time to Complete" field is properly configured for the comment types

   You can access the comment types via Administration->Knowledge->Documents->Document Types. Make sure Time to Complete is properly

   set for each and every comment type. Please notice "General Comment" should not be modified as these comments should display on the document

   user view right away.

2. Use  activity notifications to notify the proper parties during the life cycle of the comments

    There three activity notifications:

    New Follow-up Comment

    Follow-up Comment assigned

    Follow-up Comment closed

    These activity notifications are self explained...when the comment is created, when the comment is re-assigned and when the comment is closed.

    Please note that when configure the notifications, the Object Type should be Knowledge Document Comments.


Additional Information:

Besides the notifications through activity notifications, every comment updates the comment owner's scoreboard node 

knowledge documents->follow-up comments->my follow-up comments->Open

with the Target Date = Now + Time to Complete from the comment type. Knowledge analysts can use this Target Date to prioritize their work

on the comments assigned to them. Once a comment is closed, it will be moved to the scoreboard node

knowledge documents->follow-up comments->my follow-up comments->Close