How I can register a R4.x Web Agent with a R12.52 SP1 Policy Server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are running some old R4.x Web Agents and we need to register them with a R12.52 SP1 Policy Server. As the 4.x Web Agents are not using the trusted host model like later releases, we don't know how to generate the shared secret. How we can register these 4.x Web Agents?

4.x Web Agent R12.52 SP1 Policy Server

In order to register a 4.x Web Agent with a R12.52 SP1 Policy Store, you need first to create the Agent object through the R12.52 SP1 AdminUI by following the steps below:

1) Access your AdminUI, and go to Infrastructure > Agent > Agents

2) Click on Create Agent, select Create a new object of type Agent, and click Ok

3) Enter an Agent name to identify the Agent, and select SiteMinder Agent type, Web Agent.

4) Enable the Supports 4.x Agents checkbox, and some new fields will appear:

IP Address: Enter the 4.x Web Agent IP address

Shared Secret / Confirm Shared Secret: Enter the shared secret to be set in the 4.x Web Agent (you can choose whatever value).

5) Click on Submit and save changes.

Then, in the Web Agent you should configure it to point to the R12.52 SP1 Policy Server by changing the policyserver=<ip_address> parameter in the webagent.conf file to reflect the  IP address of the Policy Server.

You will also need to update the sharedsecret parameter as well, using the value you have specified in the policy server GUI.

However this parameter needs to be encrypted using the encryptkey tool included in 4.x Web Agent installation:

# encryptkey -path <WebAgent.conf_path> -sharedSecret <new_shared_secret_value>

Finally, restart the Web Agent.