How does XCOM handle direct transfers which need to be rescheduled due to problems.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A direct transfer is a transfer which is executed immediately, without making use of the XCOM-Server to handle it.

On Windows or UNIX a direct transfer is done by specifying queue=no

either: in the xcom.cnf configuration file specified for that transfer
or: as an option when invoking the transfer command, like xcomtcp or xcomtp


But what happens if a direct transfer cannot be executed due to problems. For example, if there is a problem with the connection or if there is not enough disc space on the target platform?


There are three parameters available to handle this situation.

    First, there is parameter RESTART_SUPPORTED. If set to YES in the Global or Config-file, the transfer will be put under Control of the XCOM-Server if the first trial of the transfer fails. If set to NO, the unsuccessful transfer is not retried.
    If a transfer fails and is scheduled for restart you need to specify how often it should be restarted. That number is provided in parameter NUMBER_OF_RETRIES. That number can be from 0 to 255 with 1 being the default value. Specifying 0 indicates that the transfer should not be retried.
    Besides the number of retries you need to tell the XCOM-Server how long it should wait until the next retry of the transfer. For that you specify in parameter RETRY_TIME the number of seconds XCOM should wait. The default is 1. When specifying 0 the transfer is retried immediately.

If a transfer fails and RESTART_SUPPORTED is set to YES it will be handed over to the XCOM Server. According to the values in NUMBER_OF_RETRIES and RETRY_TIME the Server retries the transfer. The initially assigned Transfer ID is used for the retries, too.