How does Time In Process (TiP) differ from ALM's Cycle Time reports in CA Agile Central Insights?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How does Time In Process (TiP) differ from ALM's Cycle Time reports?


ALM's cycle time reports calculate story TiP as the difference between that last time the story went In Progress and when it was Accepted. Transitions back to In Progress, such as In Progress ? Defined ? In Progress, will reset the calculation.

Insight's story and defect TiP uses a more sophisticated TiP calculation that includes all the time the story or defect spends In Progress, and takes into consideration workdays and holidays. Insight's TiP charts do not include stories and defects that spend no time in process, such as stories or defects that move directly from Defined ? Accepted or Released.

Feature TiP is calculated slightly different from story and defect TiP. Feature TiP is the the time between when the first story parented to the feature moves to In Progress and when the feature reaches 100% complete by story count. If an In Progress story is reparented to a feature, the timing begins at the time of the reparenting. Feature TiP also takes into account work days and holidays.