How does the MESSAGEOUTPUT function work?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The MESSAGEOUTPUT function Defines whether to output subsequent messages to the Data Transformer Server console, a file, the Message Log, or any combination.

Note: Scripts that call a MESSAGE function before MESSAGEOUTPUT display to the console, the Message log, and to the SYSTEM.LOG by default. The SYSTEM.LOG file is located on the Data Transformer Server in Advantage Data Transformer\bin\log.


MESSAGEOUTPUT ( screen_boolean, filename_string, message_log_boolean )

Important: This function requires a file name that does not contain a wildcard or environment variables. The filename can either be a simple name or contain a path.

Return Value

This function returns a Boolean value. The value is:

Value     Description
TRUE     The write was successful
FALSE   The write was not successful

If you do not want output written to a file, set filename_string to NULL. If the file does not exist, it will be created.


This example shows how to display messages on the Data Transformer Server, write them to a file, and store them in the Message log:

CONST _message_file = "N:\\infopump\\message.dat"
DEF count AS INT
count = 10
MESSAGEOUTPUT ( TRUE, _message_file, TRUE )
MESSAGE ( "Number of rows = ", count )