How does the CA DRAS CAHFIVP Installation Verification Program Work?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The output I am getting from the CA DRAS CAHFIVP seems wrong.

When I specify an invalid server name, for example, MYDRAS, it seems to ignore my input and just outputs a list of servers.  Sometimes I see the name of a server that I do not recognize.  

/******** DRAS Connect Done **********/ 

Server ID selected: MYDRAS
CCI initialized, proceeding ...
DRAS_Initialize returns successfully
CCI inquire returns successfully       

/******* Locate Servers Done *********/

Server Name (1) = MDO
Server Name (2) = WVDRAS12
Server Name (3) = MDT                 

/******** DRAS Connect Done **********/


The CA DRAS CAHFIVP does not really accept input.  If you ask for one that is not there, it will come back with a list of what it finds. 


It does a DRAS discovery, that is, it searches for running DRAS servers and returns a list.  The servers in the list can vary, depending on what servers are actually running.  If it returns a list of server(s), then you can safely assume the CA DRAS CAHFIVP has confirmed the successful DRAS installation.

If you see the error message
CCI failed to converse with DRAS server
it can be ignored. This can happen because of a timing error and does not mean there is a problem. 

The configtool in Web Viewer 12.1 does a DRAS discovery also, so it duplicates the function of the CA DRAS CAHFIVP.