How does Spectrum populate Serial Number information for the Pingable Access Point models?

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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2018
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In Spectrum 10.2.1 we have discovered our Cisco 7500 WLCs using SNMPv3. However, when looking at the Information Tab - Wireless Information subview, we noticed the Access Point table is not populated. What is required, so Spectrum populates this information?
Spectrum pulls the Access Points (Pingable AP models) Serial Number from the Airespace bsnAP MIB ( In fact we populate the entire Component Detail pane -> Information Tab -> Wireless Information subview -> Access Points table, found on the Wireless Controller (WLC device model), from the bsnAP MIB.

Since the Access Point models are pingable models, we require the relationship between the Wireless Controller (SNMP managed device) and the Access Point models be created under the WLC Manager. Therefore, looking at the WLC Manager, and verify that the Wireless Controllr model shows the Access Points (children) underneath the WLC model. If the Access Point is not found, run a Access Point discovery from the WLC Manager.

Spectrum uses this discovery to build the relation between the SNMP capable WLC device and the Pingable AP models. Once the relationship is created, Spectrum use this relationship to populate the Serial Number information of the Pingable AP models. 

Note: When Access Points are removed from the network, and no longer managed by the Wireless Controller, Spectrum does not automatically delete the Pingable AP model. You must manually delete the Pingable AP models that have been removed from the network.
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For more information regarding Wireless Controller/AP monitoring, see the "WLC Manager" documentation for Spectrum