How does PM handle IPSLA 5 min polling

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Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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A question has been raised, as to how CA Performance Management handles IPSLA tests. The tests run every minute, and PM polls them every 5 minutes. How are they calculated?
How does CA Performance Management handle 5 minute polling of IPSLA tests on devices, which are set to run every 60 seconds, on the device?
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If CA Performance Management is polling at 5min intervals, and IPSLA tests run every 1 min, it means we'll poll a delta of the 5 tests that were run and X total latency happened. So, we can calculate average latency, it'll divide the latency by number of tests run. We store the delta of the attrs we read in the DB, if the metric says to use delta. some just store the value read from the device.