How does one implement a CA-TPX user exit?

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Last Modified Date : 04/04/2018
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TPX sample user exit source code is delivered with the TPX product install package.  Refer to the CB0VSRC library for out-of-the-box sample user exits.

The TPX user exit documentation can be found in the TPX Session Management Systems Programmer Guide Setting Up User Exits.
Review the description provided at the beginning of each sample exit to ascertain its usefulness.
CA TPX for z//OS

To assemble the exits, you may use the JCL provided in the ASMUXIT member of the CB0VSRC library.


When customizing TPX user exits, it is recommended that you create a site-specific version of the exit source and leave the original source in the CBOVSRC dataset unchanged.
The customized exit should be assembled with the correct exit name and placed in a separate customer defined load library that is defined on the TPX proc '//STEPLIB DD' statement concatenated in front of the TPX product load library CB0VLOAD.  See parm TPXLMOD below.

Tips for specifying the parameters in ASMUXIT:

//ASMTPX   PROC RENT=RENT,                                                  
//             TPXMAC='TPX.GENLIB',                <<< CB0VMAC
//             TPXSYS='TPX.LOADLIB',               <<< CB0VLOAD                   
//             TPXIN='TPX.SOURCE',                 <<< CB0VSRC or your custom source library
//             TPXINN='** NAME OF SOURCE MEMBER **',                        
//             TPXLMOD='TPX.LOADLIB.CUSTOM',       <<< NOT CB0VLOAD
//             TPXMODN='** TPX EXIT NAME  **'                               

TPX would then need to be recycled for the new or modified exit to become active,
CA TPX r5.4 has been enhanced so that a TPX restart is not needed. User exits can be activated or deactivated dynamically.
For access to this enhancement, apply Published Solutions for TPX 5.4: PTFs RO86230 & RO86231

Use RELOAD TPXOPER command to Reload user exits.

< RELOAD EXIT= {name-of-exit-module}. This only activates/refreshes exits>

To quiesce/deactivate an exit, use the Q EXIT= ... command.


Additional Information:
Before you start setting up the user exits you should familiarize yourself with CA TPX 5.4 - Setting Up User Exits.