How do you use and setup CA Auditor Batch? Is there an example of CA Auditor batch?

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How do you use and setup CA Auditor Batch? Is there an example of CA Auditor batch?



Examples of CA Auditor batch are unique to the environment that CA Auditor is installed on. The following provides an overview of CA Auditor batch setup and processing and step be step details on how to create a sample Batch script for

your environment.


The Batch Job facility requires that you create, modify, and submit JCL to execute a batch job. The JCL tells CA Auditor what options you selected. These options describe the order in which you want to perform particular CA Auditor functions. The output of the batch job is routed to the destination of your choice (SYSOUT or a data set on disk).


CA Auditor in batch runs the same way as CA Auditor online. The batch JCL establishes the background TSO environment and executes CLISTs to start ISPF/PDF and CA Auditor in batch. Each of these programs (TSO, ISPF/PDF, and CA Auditor) requires certain data sets, which are normally allocated through CLISTs and your TSO logon procedure in an online environment. Before CA Auditor can run in batch, you must execute CA Auditor online at least once so that it can create your batch JCL using these data sets.


Detailed step by step CA Auditor batch setup can be found at the following link

to the CA Auditor for z/OS - 12.1 documentation which applies to both r12.0 and

r12.1 of CA Auditor.


CA Auditor Batch Options:


See Sections:

- Batch JCL Create/Change

- Modifying the Batch JCL

- Select Batch Functions


- Submit Batch Job